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frostedpuffs's Profile Picture
🐞 Ash 🐞
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

Ash | 19 | she/her

Hi, I'm Ash! I'm currently an Illustration student living in Florida. I love cats and all things pink.

My current fandoms are: Miraculous Ladybug, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, and My Little Pony.

- My policy on dubs/reposts -

:star: You do NOT have my permission to post my art anywhere. No dubs, no posting to Instagram, no translations or uploading to YouTube, no posting to Tumblr (reblog my post instead!), weheartit, Pinterest, anything. If I find my artwork reposted, I will have the art (and possibly your whole account) taken down.

Find me elsewhere!
Picarto.TV (where I stream!)

I apparently haven't made a journal here since August. (Maybe I should get into the habit of doing that more.)

BUT, I am making one now to let you all know I do have an account on Archive of Our Own (AO3) where I post my ML fanfics! As of right now I've got 9 works—a couple in progress but most completed, including Truthful Scars and a favorite of mine, A Simple Suggestion (which is a Adrienette/Ladynoir roommates fic)

If you want to read my fics, you can find them on my AO3 here.  (If you subscribe to me, you can see new content the minute I post it!)

Here are all the fics I've written if you're interested in reading, ordered by when they last updated/were posted:

7,080 words  | Complete | Chapters 1/1

Pairing(s): Ladybug/Chat Noir
Rated: T (for language)
Summary: Ladybug and Chat Noir tell each other their ages during a heavy rainstorm, but with the new bit of information they learn about their partner, they start developing other sorts of questions a little too deep for two teenage kids.
Read on: Tumblr | ao3 
Posted 2/8/18

A Simple Suggestion
49,177 words  | Incomplete | Chapters 9/?

Pairing(s): Ladybug/Chat Noir, Marinette/Adrien
Rated: T+ (soon to be changed to M)
Summary: Breaks from patrol often allow time for Ladybug and Chat Noir to talk and be themselves. But when a silly joke starts to seem all that...well, not silly, the two find themselves considering something neither of them had ever before: moving in together. The tricky part is still keeping their identities a secret.
Read on: Tumblr | ao3 
Updated 1/14/18

Broken Hearts Club - ON HIATUS
44,698 words  | Incomplete | Chapters 7/?

Pairing(s): Marinette/Chat Noir, Marinette/Adrien (with some Ladynoir on the side)
Rated: T
Summary: Upon confessing to their crushes, Marinette and Chat Noir both find out the hard way that those who hold the key to their hearts have affections for another. Rejected and blue, the pair find themselves in an odd sort of friendship, all while hiding the fact that they’d been the one to break the other’s heart. When feelings that hadn’t initially been within them begin to rise, they both have to come to terms with the fact that maybe the person they'd rejected means more to them than they had ever expected…
Read on: Tumblr | ao3 
Updated 6/23/17

Unspoken Words
2,500 words  | Complete | Chapters 1/1

Pairing(s): Ladybug/Chat Noir
Rated: G
Summary: After seeing Chat wounded, Ladybug skips the fist bump in favor of a kiss.
Read on: ao3 
Posted 12/1/16

A Moment in the Cold
1,092 words  | Complete | Chapters 1/1

Pairing(s): Ladybug/Chat Noir
Rated: G
Summary: Chat Noir cannot believe his Lady married Adrien Agreste.
Read on: Tumblr | ao3 
Posted 11/20/16

It's Only A Name
1,420 words  | Complete | Chapters 1/1

Pairing(s): Ladybug/Chat Noir
Rated: G
Summary: Ladybug and Chat Noir take a break from patrol to ask each others names and end up learning a lot more about their partner than they thought they would.
Read on: Tumblr | ao3 
Posted 11/11/16

Truthful Scars
167,136 words  | Complete | Chapters 21/21

Pairing(s): Marinette/Chat Noir, Marinette/Adrien, Ladybug/Chat Noir
Rated: T
Summary: Adrien Agreste has never been an expert in controlling his emotions. When feelings for his classmate in pigtails begin to arise, he can't stop himself from seeing her any chance he gets—even when wearing a pair of cat ears and a black tail. Although his affections are strong and true, he doesn't exactly know how to deal with them, especially under the watchful eye of his father. After all, what's a boy to do when he accidentally finds out that the girl he's got a crush on returns his feelings?
Read on: Tumblr | ao3 
Completed 9/1/16

1,400 words  | Complete | Chapters 1/1

Pairing(s): Marinette/Adrien
Rated: G
Summary: One of Marinette's most favorite things is the way Adrien can purr. Sometimes she just can't help but reach out to pet his hair, even while they're in the middle of class.
Read on: Tumblr | ao3 
Posted 8/10/16

We Need To Talk
1,259 words  | Complete | Chapters 1/1

Pairing(s): Marinette/Chat Noir
Rated: T
Summary: Adrien and Marinette have been together for nearly five months now. When an akuma attack hits the school and Marinette can't get away to transform quick enough, Chat Noir comes to her rescue, but does something Marinette would have never, ever expected.
Read on: Tumblr | ao3 
Posted 5/29/16

I do have plans to write future fics! If you have anything you'd like to suggest (hint: not a request) feel free to comment below.



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I'm kind of in the mood to make some more adoptables. Would anyone be interested?
:CO: Deersona
I was commissioned by a friend of mine to draw his fursona!!! I love deersonas tbh

Yes. I draw furries.

My commissions are currently closed, but I'll be making an announcement once they're back open again.



Snapchat: frostedpuffs


Star! You do NOT have my permission to post this anywhere. No dubs, no posting to Instagram, no translations or uploading to YouTube, no posting to Tumblr (reblog my post instead!), weheartit, Pinterest, anything. If I find my artwork reposted, I will have the art (and possibly your whole account) taken down.


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Hi there. Names Blu. I just wanted to say how much I love your style for drawing Kwamis! I really like how they're furry,flooffy,& puffy as well as how they more closely resemble they're animal counter parts while keeping up that cartoonish style.
Keep up the great work & if u ever need anything or would like to chat then let me know;)
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WHY HAVE I JUST NOW FOUND YOUR ART?! Why haven't I found you sooner?! All of your pieces are so beautifully done and too cute for me to handle! Keep up the amazing work!
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I wasn't able to reach you on Tumblr, I hope this is OK here. You are wonderful and strong and I hope you can find healing in the times ahead. 
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Hey there, just wanted to say that you're such a friendly individual and I very much appreciate that. :) (Also your art and writings rock! :heart:

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